All you need to know about the revised traffic fines in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: The State Government on last Friday slashed penalties on some of the traffic violations. While offences like drunken driving and racing will continue to attract hefty penalty, the government has brought down the fines for traffic violations such as riding without a helmet, not wearing a seatbelt etc.

The decision was taken after a section of citizens petitioned the state government revise recently introduced traffic penalties under the new Motor Vehicle Act. The traffic police were also struggling to collect hefty traffic penalties from offenders. The state government has followed the footsteps of its counterpart in Gujarat, which had also brought down the traffic fines two weeks ago.

Here’s the list of offences and the revised fines approved by the State Government.

The revised fine has already come into effect as City police booked 9,710 cases on Saturday and collected over Rs 34 lakh as traffic penalty in just one day. Offences such as riding without a helmet, pillion rider without a helmet and carrying lengthy material were in the top.

Data also shows the City police have been strictly penalising motorists who are jumping the signals, parking at non-designated places and not producing documents.