ITD & Afcons Lowest Bidders for Bengaluru Metro’s 8-km UG Line

Bengaluru: Two infrastructure firms — ITD Cementation India and Afcons Infrastructure — have emerged the lowest bidders for constructing a package each on the 8-km underground section, which is a part of Bengaluru Metro’s Reach 6 of Phase 2 project.

In total, the Reach 6 UG section comprises of 14-km. In January this year, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) had awarded the contract of building 6-km of the 14-km UG stretch (Package – 2&3) to L&T Ltd. The civil work on most part of the 6-km stretch is currently under progress.

8-km UG tenders

Nearly nine months after inviting tenders, the Bengaluru Metro authorities on Thursday opened financial bids of the remaining two packages (Package 1 & 4), totaling 8-km. Five construction companies had submitted bids on May 28. During the technical evaluation, Patel Engineering Ltd and HCC-Gulermak India Pvt Ltd (JV) were disqualified.

Construction firms L&T Ltd, Afcons and ITD were qualified to the next stage — financial evaluation.

Package 1 (About 3.65 Km stretch from South ramp (including) to Vellara junction station (excluding), comprising of 3 UG Metro Stations viz, Dairy Circle, MICO Industries and Langford Town)

AfconsRs 1,526.33 crore
L&TRs 1,624.50 crore
ITDRs 1,684.36 crore

BMRCL’s estimate: Rs 1,262.33 crore

Difference: Rs 264 crore (20.91% higher)

Afcons Infrastructure emerges the lowest bidder.

Package 4 (About 4.591 Km stretch from South of Tannery Road station to North Ramp comprising of 4 UG Metro Stations viz., Tannery Road, Venkateshpura, Arabic College and Nagawara)

AfconsRs 1,783.76 crore
L&TRs 1,790.05 crore
ITDRs 1,771.25 crore

BMRCL estimate: Rs 1,549.42 crore

Difference: Rs 221.83 crore (14.33% higher)

Italian-Thai Development (ITD) emerges the lowest bidder.

The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Ltd is likely to take a minimum of 30 days to issue work order as contractors have to submit a number of documents including bank guarantee. As the difference between BMRCL’s estimates and the lowest bidding amount is as low as 14% and 20% in two different packages, the authorities are likely to go ahead with awarding contracts once the Namma Metro gets approval from the European Investment Bank (EIB), which is the leading financier of the UG project.