Flyover, bus shelters, wide roads proposed between Tin Factory & KR Puram

Bengaluru: The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) has taken the responsibility of decongesting the busy Tin Factory junction on Old Madras Road. It has got the approval of State government to build a unidirectional flyover at the junction, two bus shelters and also to widen the surrounding roads.

On Wednesday, the State government accorded in-principal approval for the ‘Upgradation of Road Infrastructure at the Junction of ORR and Old Madras Road (KR Puram to Tin Factory)’. It also directed BMRCL to finalise the alignment of Whitefield Metro Line and ORR Metro Line (Phase II-A and Phase II-B) based on the proposed road upgradation including the construction of Whitefield Metro Line and common portals for the Phase II and ORR-Airport Metro Lines.

Flyover, bus shelters, wide roads

At present, there is a conflict of vehicular movements at Tin Factory for traffic movement from S V Road to K R Puram and Hebbal to Hosakote in one direction and Marathahalli to Hebbal and Hosakote to S V Road in the opposite direction. The present location of Bus bays in both directions at this stretch pose serious traffic problems as the buses go in different direction after stopping for which no sufficient weaving length is available now.

To solve this issue, the BMRCL has proposed to provide new bus bays at suitable locations. “All the Bus Bays will be connected by wide Foot path and FOBs for commuters’ movement. In addition, dedicated bus lanes are also planned at specific stretches,” the order copy states.

Flyover: For solving the conflicting movements between Cable Bridge and Benniganahalli flyover at Tin Factory, an additional one-way flyover has been proposed from the left side of the road to allow traffic of ORR to continue on the left and join Benniganahalli flyover without any conflicting movement.

Wide roads: After the Metro work is complete from Mahadevapura Junction up to Tin Factory, the stretch will have four lane carriageway plus two lane service road (total six lane). At present, the road width varies from 2 lanes to 4 lanes.

In the opposite direction from Tin Factory to Mahadevapura, the existing road width varies from 3- lanes to 4- lanes. With acquisition of a strip of land for the length of Cable Stayed Bridge, it is proposed to provide 5- lane Road and footpath. The BMRCL also plans to acquire a strip of Railway land, below the Cable Stayed Bridge and in front of KR Puram Metro station.

With this, a 6 lane road is proposed in one direction and a 5 lane road in the other direction, with an aim to ease out road traffic significantly.

Metro-cum-Road flyover scrapped
Last year, the BMRCL had roped in consultancy firm SYSTRA to carry out the detailed feasibility study on Metro cum Road Bridge proposal and the possible alternatives at Tin Factory. “On examination of the report, it was found that many challenges and practical difficulties would have to be faced in the implementation of this Metro cum Road Bridge,” the Urban Development Department said.

In view of the above difficulties, an alternative study has been conducted to assess the feasibility of widening and up-gradation of the Road infrastructure in the area for easing the traffic congestion at this junction.

For the proposed works, the BMRCL requires 12140 Sqm of private lane (for Road widening and Bus Bays), 5,510 Sqm of private land for creating parking facility and pedestrian infrastructure and 6894 Sqm of private land for the flyover. It also requires 3,637 Sqm of railway land and 1,141 Sqm of Temple land for the project.

The Government of Karnataka (GoK) and Govt. of India (Gol) approved for implementation of Phase-2 of Bangalore Metro Project for a length of 72 km at total estimated cost of Rs.26,400 crores. Thereafter, the Government of Karnataka approved Phase-2B (Airport Line) for Rs. 10,584.15 Crore and Phase-2A (ORR) for Rs.5,994.94 Crore.

BMRCL is constructing extension of Reach- 1 Metro corridor from Baiyappanahalli to Whitefield with 2 stations one at Jyothipura and another at KRPuram located in this section. Apart from this, another metro corridor from Central Silk Board to KR Puram and then to Airport, which also passes through this section, has been approved by the Government of Karnataka’