“Do not Push Men too Far”: Activists hold protest against false dowry & rape cases

Bengaluru: The Save Indian Family Foundation organised a unique protest in Bengaluru against “the rising number of false dowry and rape cases against men.” The male rights activists also performed ‘Kumbakarna’ puja, praying God for the sound sleep and peace of mind. 

Suprakash Khuntia from the foundation said the Indian laws are not gender neutral. “They are biased in favour of women. So, scores of men are facing various kinds of matrimonial disputes like dowry, domestic violence, maintenance cases, child custody and so on. The men are treated as criminals and accused by default. They are harassed by the judiciary, police, society and the system as a whole,” he said. 

The foundation, he said, was holding the protest in order to send a message to the society and the system that not all men are bad. “We want to come out of the misery and victimship and regain peace of mind despite all the worries in our lives due to the fake matrimonial cases filed against them in the courts,” he said. 

The protest was held in Jayanagara. The men’s rights activists had earlier performed prayers to eradicate “feminisim” in India.