19 motorists were fined for misbehaving with the traffic police

Bengaluru: Think before you mess with the police! The City traffic police have started penalizing people for misbehaviour. On last Monday, 19 motorists were fined a penalty of Rs 100 each.

After the huge jump in traffic penalties came into effect, the police were receiving the wrath of motorists during the enforcement drive. Several incidents were reported in Bengaluru where the citizens took objection to traffic police imposing a hefty penalty, which was 5 to 10 times more than what it used to be in the past for the same offence.

The traffic police have all the right to stop the vehicle and verify driver details and vehicle documents. The motorists, as per the law, should carry a valid driving license, vehicle insurance, vehicle registration certificate and emission certificate.

On Monday, the city police registered as many as 15,055 cases related to traffic offences. Some of the common offences include: riding without a helmet (2,731), not wearing a helmet – pillion rider (1891), jumping traffic signal (1,812) and breaking the one-way rule (1,006) etc. Sixteen people were caught driving under the influence of alcohol.