Whitefield Rising to hold protest against 11 years of civic neglect

Bengaluru: Residents of Mahadevapura has once again decided to hit the streets on Friday, October 18, in protest against the sorry state of their zone, which they attribute to the apathy of government agencies and elected representatives. 

“ENOUGH. We have had ENOUGH. After 11 years of becoming part of Bangalore, Mahadevpura has been blessed with…,” citizens’ group Whitefield Rising tweeted on Sunday, listing out five reasons for announcing the strike.

“1. The worst roads in the city, gridlocked daily. 2. No access to clean drinking water or sewage disposal. 3. the pathetic garbage clearance system. 4. Apathetic treatment from Bengaluru Traffic Police, who do not care how many accidents occur daily or citizens die due to bad traffic management. 5. The most polluted air in the city.”

The citizens’ group also took the elected representatives to the task. “And the *most important* Peoples representatives – MP (third time), MLA (third time) and Corporator’s who only know how to shift the blame / fight with each other OR to hinder whatever progress that might come to our side of the town,” Whitefield Rising said on the micro-blogging platform.

In another tweet, the members said: “What we do give in return: the HIGHEST tax revenues. Our blood and sweat every day. ENOUGH. We have had enough! We call for a #MahadevapuraDemands Protest on Friday, October 18, 2019.” The group is yet to announce the location of the protest.

While the condition of roads across the City is bad, Whitefield is worst hit as all the four entry points into Mahadevapura are under construction, resulting in traffic chaos almost every day. While the Kundalahalli Gate junction has been partially blocked for the construction of an underpass, the BBMP is building a bridge in Varthur. The chaotic Old Madras Road is seeing the construction of Metro and the white-topping work is being taken up at Hope Farm.

“This week alone – 3 people we know have met with accidents navigating the potholed roads. Who will pay their hospital bills? Who will suffer & answer for broken bones?,” the members of Whitefield Rising said on Twitter.

Photo Copyright: Whitefield Rising