No newsletter in Oct, Bengaluru Metro gives a miss to the 10-year-old practice

Bengaluru: For the first time in the last ten years, the present management of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) will earn the disrepute for not uploading its monthly newsletter on time. While the month of November is about to begin, the Namma Metro officials are yet to make public its September newsletter. This has come as a big disappointment to Metro aficionados in the City. 

Over the last ten years, the BMRCL used to put on record the progress of Phase I and Phase II Metro projects in its newsletters. The monthly document consisted of information related to civil works, land acquisition updates and new announcements pertaining to different phases of Namma Metro. 

The BMRCL had the track record of uploading its newsletter in the first week of every month especially during the term of N. Sivasailam, who was a managing director for five years till 2013. Uploading of the newsletter slowly started delaying to the second week of every month and later to the third week. Worse is that the BMRCL has not even uploaded the newsletter in the entire month of October. 

After Ajay Seth took over as the MD, the management appears to have taken least interest in preparing newsletter. 

While the company has completely stopped uploading operational performance since November 2015, the monthly newsletter too has seen drastic change from being an official document with full of information, spreading over 20 pages, to just a ten-page document with little or no details on project updates. 

One of the reasons for lack of seriousness on preparing the newsletter could be the change of guard in the Chief of Public Relations Office at BMRCL. After UA Vasanth Rao was shunted out from the post sometime in October last year, Yeshwanth Chavan, who was in-charge of planning Metro depots for Phase II project, was given the additional responsibility of managing the CPRO post. 

After Chavan took over, the newsletter lost its sheen while the social media platforms of BMRCL has gone silent. In the last ten months, the BMRCL’s official twitter handle has posted only ten tweets, which is far less as compared to how active it was in the past.

Namma Metro’s closed door approach has infuriated several Bengalureans, who are already frustrated with the delay in construction of Metro projects.